What is Feel the city tours?

Feel the city born in 2011 and is the result of the dream of two young entrepreneurs in love with Seville. The idea was simple, to bring the history of the culture of the city and fun for travelers who visit us.

We wanted to fulfill an objective: that all the travelers lived the experience in Seville as the people live.

Little by little, this innovative concept Spread out and began to bear fruit,

extending throughout Spain. We listened to our travelers who asked us to be in other cities. We assume our responsibility and begin to replicate the model for other Andalusian and Spanish cities through our free tours, creating a reliable brand where we teach the best of each city through the best local guides.

More than 100,000 travelers a year choose Feel the City Tours every year to get to know the city! And we keep adding!

Why do we offer free tours?

We are base our tours on a freemium model where our travellers can access a free 3 hour tour with experienced local guides. After the tour, they have the option to make an economic contribution based on their satisfaction with the experience, helping to support the free tour model for everybody. In addition to this, you can access other services and payment routes that complement the travel experience.

With this model we want more travellers to be able to immerse in the local culture by making the history of the city accessible to all who are eager to learn about the places they visit.


Why choose us? 

  1. In Feel the city Tours travelers are the center of the visit and we make you Participants in the history of the city. We consider ourselves your friend in the city.
  2. We value the quality of our services and procedures, as well as the relationships based on respect, honesty and authenticity. We want to be happy and make you happy!
  3. Our guides are local and will show you the city where they were born and They live to make you feel more autochthonous.