Cádiz has entered the selection of destinations you should visit in 2019 according to The New York Times and we give you the reasons why.

The city appears next to 52 other world destinations to visit this year such as Puerto Rico, Hong Kong or Las Vegas. Andalusia likes, Andalusia loves and the province of Cadiz has a special charm that has managed to dazzle the U.S. newspaper. 

In the list, Cadiz ranks 50th and stands out for its resemblance to the atmosphere of Havana, for its rich cuisine and wines and for the magic of the white villages and the incredible beaches of the coast of Cadiz.   

Reasons to visit Cádiz

We propose 6 reasons why you should visit the province of Cadiz in 2019 but beware! Once you get to know it, you will always want to come back. 

Its climate

Its climatology makes it possible to enjoy the province of Cadiz twelve months of the year. Its coasts and mountains. 

Its history 

Its location has turned it into a place of passage and settlement of the main cultures of which important remains are preserved such as Baelo Claudia or the Roman theatre of Cadiz. Tarifa also plays a fundamental role here, which lived a period of great splendour with the Muslim conquest and of which a great legacy is preserved. 

On the other hand, the economic wealth of Cadiz, Sanlucar de Barrameda and Puerto de Santa Maria in the eighteenth century as a result of trade with America, and the Cortes de Cadiz and its famous Constitution of 1812

Its art and culture

As a result of cultural influences, the province offers a wide and varied cultural offer, from museums, exhibition centres and theatres to its nationally recognised traditions: carnival and flamenco

Its beaches and sunsets

Their kilometre-long beaches of white sands and crystal clear waters and their scenic surroundings make them special places difficult to forget. And to conclude the day, these sunsets are a spectacle worth living at least once in a lifetime. From beaches with fascinating landscapes around, such as Zahara, el Palmar, los Caños, la Caleta or Sanlúcar de Barrameda with the Doñana National Park in the background.  

Its surroundings 

It has a great number of natural parks, it is a natural paradise. If you are a lover of nature and active tourism, Cadiz is your destination! 

Its gastronomy 

In few places you will find so much gastronomic variety, a mixture of sea and land. The perfect combination of Mediterranean and Andalusian gastronomy, where our fish, cheeses and the retinal meats from the mountains stand out. To make special mention to the fried fish, the red tuna of Barbate or the prawns of Sanlúcar de Barrameda

And a perfect complement to our food, are our wines. The famous Sherry Wine, which hosts the manzanilla de Sanlúcar, fines, olorosos and muscatels. Also noteworthy are the red and white wines produced in our mountains and the bay of Cadiz.

These are some of the reasons why you should visit Cadiz in 2019. So pack your bags and come to this wonderful city. If you are in Seville and want to spend the day in Cadiz, bet on our Day Trip from Seville to Cadiz and Jerez where you can get to know the oldest city in the West, "la Tacita de Plata", and learn the secrets of the land of light, wine, horses, bulls and flamenco. Live a unique experience with our day trips, the best way to enjoy Andalusia!