The Alhambra in Granada, How to buy Alhambra tickets?

on 12/29/2016

The Alhambra is a palatine Andalusian city located in Granada and formed by a set of palaces, gardens and fortresses which served as accommodation to the monarch Muhammad ibn Nasr and to the court of the nazarí kingdom of Granada.

Since 1984 along with the Generalife, it was recognized as World Heritage of UNESCO, which fired the demand of public that wants to know its corners, in fact it is one of the monuments more visited in Spain, the past year it received more than 2 474 231 of visitors.

If you want to visit the Alhambra we invite you to do it with our official guides to discover all the mysteries and secrets that have this city palatine Andalusian and save the long lines that are formed in the entry of the monument. We recommend you to buy your tickets with us 30 or 45 days before the visit because it is a very demanded visit with daily quota for only 300 visitors, you can do it directly in our web Feel the City Tour.

If you could not to acquire your tickets in advance, the Alhambra always will reserve a quota to sell directly in ticket office the same day of access, however, you can find long lines since 6 a.m. even when the ticket office opens at 9:00 a.m. and take the risk to do the line but the tickets could end before arrive to your position.

But do not worry, if you finally cannot get tickets we give you an alternative to take advantage of your trip to Granada and know its history and legends to marvel you with a precious route by the Alhambra forests. In this guided visit, you will experience the incredible experience to find infinity of historical landscapes and rememorate how was the life of the inhabitants of the palace and surroundings during the centuries of history of this monument.

Feel th cityThe Alhambra in Granada, How to buy Alhambra tickets?

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